• Alberto ‘Crumbz’ Rengifo

    Agency for Professional Esports & LCK Caster

Andy Miller
  • Andy Miller

Andy is a serial entrepreneur having co-founded a number of start-ups with successful exits including Quattro Wireless which was acquired by Apple in 2009 and become Apple’s mobile ad network, iAd. At Apple, Andy served as Vice President of Mobile Advertising, reporting directly to Steve Jobs. He presently sits on the board and advises a number of companies including the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, which he is a minority owner. Andy is a co-founder of Starting Five Partners, a Palo Alto and Boston-based start-up incubator, as well as NRG ESports, a leading North American video gaming club competing across numerous gaming titles.

Andy was born in Boston, Massachusetts and attended Union College and Boston College Law School.

  • Andy Vander Woude


Andy Vander Woude is CEO and Founder of Next Generation Esports (NGE), an esports production and entertainment company. Andy is a lifelong gamer who has founded, raised money for, and led a startup and small-cap public company through successful exits. Since January 2015, NGE has created high-caliber esports content for the next generation of competitive gaming titles, including Rocket League, Vainglory, and Clash Royale. NGE pushes the industry forward by seeking out the most ambitious esports partners to elevate their communities, games, and spectator experience.

  • Bo Daly

    CBO and Co-Founder
    Super Evil Megacorp

Bo Daly is the co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Super Evil Megacorp, the developers of the world’s leading mobile esport, Vainglory. As CBO, Bo manages all aspects of Super Evil’s business and publishing operations. Vainglory boasts more than 12 million registered accounts and 1 billion matches played. Vainglory experienced a monumental first year in esports in 2016, awarding the largest prize pool ever for a mobile esport at $120,000 and generating 25,000+ concurrent views for its inaugural World Championship. The community has welcomed some of the largest esports franchises in the world to the Vainglory lineup, including Misfits, Echo Fox, Fnatic, NRG, Immortals and Rogue. Bo began his career at Rockstar Games, helping launch the hit Red Dead franchise. He left Rockstar to develop free-to-play MMOs at startup Gazillion Entertainment, where he served in a wide variety of roles, ranging from engineering to business development to operations.

Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez
  • Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez

    Founder and CEO

Carlos Rodriguez: Founder and CEO of G2 Esports, Carlos is an entrepreneur whose main focus surrounds esports and gaming. Having competed as a professional esports player for nine years while negotiating his own royalty and sponsorship deals has given him enough experience and grasp of the market to understand its trend and behaviour. After having a remarkable success competitively speaking for about nine years, he started looking for new heights. It was then when he decided to build his own esports club using the skills and abilities he already started developing.

Courtney Lauer
  • Courtney Lauer

    Global Marketing Lead
    Turtle Wax

Courtney Lauer has spent the last nine years developing innovative marketing strategies for Turtle Wax.  Working with a cross-functional team, Courtney manages a robust innovation process that has led to the successful launch of dozens of new products including the popular Headlight Repair Kit, award-winning Dash & Glass and top-selling MAX Power Car Wash.  Leading global marketing at Turtle Wax, Courtney is focused on driving brand advocacy through the development of relevant consumer content across multiple platforms in more than 90 countries.  Her thought leadership has been fundamental to the brand’s entrance into eSports.  Turtle Wax is the first car care brand to champion the eSports community and connect two of the audiences’ passion points – cars and gaming.

  • Dan Ciccone

    Managing director
    REV XP

Jace Hall
  • Jace Hall

    Echo Fox

Jason Moore
  • Jason Moore

    Agency for Professional Esports | APE

Former President of Paris Hilton Entertainment 1999-2009; with over a decade experience in developing and managing the Paris Hilton brand into a Billion-dollar Fortune 100 business

Kyle Laffy
  • Kyle Laffey

    Business Development

After retiring from being a top-rated sponsored WoW player, Kyle jumped right into consulting with brands and influencers on sponsorships in the Esports space. He has worked with a number of top brands such as MGM Grand, Oculus, GFUEL, AMD, and many more on digital and physical event Esport activations. Now full-time at, Kyle handles business development and partnerships for their 360 Virtual Reality platform on mobile, desktop, and VR headsets.

Manny Anekal square
  • Manny Anekal

    The Next Level, Versus Sports, VS

Manny Anekal is currently running several companies within the esports ecosystem: The Next Level (The Business of Esports Media Organization), Versus Sports (Consulting), VS Sports (Esports team) and Loot Ventures (Esports Investment Fund).

Manny has over a decade of experience working at the intersection of Gaming, Marketing and Brands.  His first role was with the startup Massive Inc., which was acquired by Microsoft Xbox in 2006, followed by Executive roles at Electronic Arts, Zynga, Kiip and most recently with Major League Gaming.

He will also take you on in Clash Royale.

  • Marty “Lazerchicken” Strenczewilk

    Splyce Inc.

A longtime veteran of the entertainment world, Marty “Lazerchicken” Strenczewilk worked in theater, film and television for over 10 years, primarily in New York City. Esports started as a passion when he began writing blogs and managing class guides for World of Warcraft. He landed his first esports gig at a startup, where he led production on one of the most successful first-time broadcasts of a World of Warcraft tournament. He then went on to found Splyce in the winter of 2014 with his wife Meghan Strenczewilk (Business Director) and his longtime friend Vincent Garguilo (Creative Director).

  • Mike Vorhaus

    Magid Advisors

Having been extensively involved in video and PC gaming strategies, as well as the development of new gaming concepts, Mike Vorhaus provides research and consultation services to major traditional media companies about new media initiatives, venture capitalists and private equity firms about investment in the media space, as well as consultation services to a number of leading internet and gaming companies.

Nik Adams
  • Nik Adams

    Senior Vice President of Sales

Nik Adams was the first full time employed esports commentator in the world. With his aim of bringing competitive gaming to large audiences he worked with the likes of GIGA TV ad EuroSport as producer and editor chief. From there he drove forward both Turtle Entertainment and ESL as Vice President of Sales with focus on the three major company categories: sponsoring, media sales and TV licensing.

Rick Fox
  • Rick Fox

    Echo Fox

Robb Chiarini Headshot
  • Robb Charini

    Senior Manager, eSports

Robb has been immersed in the video game community for over 20 years and leverages his extensive experience as a player, community organizer and industry professional to elevate the ecosystems of gaming, competition and esports.

Since his early beginnings as a community organizer, hosting his own series of events and activities, he’s had the pleasure of working at IGN and their esports program, the IGN Pro League (IPL) to Blizzard Entertainment’s eSports group and currently leads the casual and competitive initiatives for esports at Ubisoft.

Through the years he has worked with nearly every publisher and endemic partner, including premier esports titles and events such as League of Legends, StarCraft II and BlizzCon to developing the next generation of esports with games like Rainbow Six Siege, as well as provided consultative services to a wide variety of entities and corporations.

Ryan Morrison
  • Ryan Morrison

    Founding Partner
    Morrison & Lee LLP

Ryan Morrison represents more players in competitive gaming and esports than any other individual on the planet. Running a player-only agency has allowed him to create and grow relationships with the top talent in every major game. Ryan works with players not only to succeed now, but also to prepare for their future.

Stan Press
  • Stan Press

    Managing director, Digital and Gaming
    Magid Advisors

  • Stephanie Harvey

    Game Designer

Stephanie, aka missharvey, is synonymous with female gaming. Her five-time Counter Strike world championships and work as a game designer at Ubisoft Montreal awarded her a Forbes 30 under 30 award in 2014. She is also a co-founder of Misscliks, serves as an online ambassador for Cybersmile and creates content for her Twitch and YouTube channels during her spare time.

steve arhancet
  • Steve Arhancet

    Team Liquid

As Co-CEO of Team Liquid, Steven Arhancet oversees the strategic direction of the premier esports franchise. He identifies growth opportunities within the rapidly growing esports industry and pushes developments and innovation for each of the teams within the franchise, as well as for Team Liquid as a whole. This includes leading and growing partnership and sponsorship opportunities for the esports team.


Alongside Co-CEO Victor Goossens, Steven built Team Liquid from a community site into one of the largest esports teams in the world. In September 2016, the pair sold controlling interest of Team Liquid to an accomplished ownership group led by two renowned professional sports team owners, media and technology entrepreneurs – Peter Guber and Ted Leonsis. With the new ownership group at the helm, Steven will now help to shape the future of esports and build Team Liquid into a dominant franchise within the rapidly developing industry, while ensuring the team remains true to its roots in the gaming community.

Steve Wade
  • Steve Wade

    Managing Director
    Digital Media

Steven Wade brings 19 years of game industry experience to Woodside Capital Partners with his primary focus on helping digital media companies with technological and market insight, corporate development, and M&A.

Before joining WCP, Steven spent his career launching 45 online games, four gaming payment solutions, and eight game portals alongside many well-known entertainment companies such as Square Enix, VISA/Playspan, SOHU/Changyou, Ty Inc., and Aeria Games as an executive, and angel investor.

He is also an entrepreneur, creating and selling three companies: MMOsmart LLC ( to Aeria Games) , Zyon Games Inc.(to Sohu/Changyou 搜狐 / 畅游 which then IPOed on the NASDAQ as the biggest IPO of 2009), and ( to .

In addition, Steven spent eight years working in the Asian Pacific region acting as a gaming advisor to the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese governments.

Steven received a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from West Virginia University. He currently serves as a board member for various companies in the video game sector, including eSports networks, gaming studios, and productivity tool developers.

  • Stratton Sclavos

  • Todd Harris

    Chief Operating Officer
    Hi-Rez Studios

Todd Harris (@ToddAlanHarris) – Todd is Chief Operating Officer of Hi-Rez Studios, one of the largest video game studios in the Southeast United States and a leading developer of competitive online games.  Todd began his career as a software engineer at NCR before taking on product development leadership roles at Radiant Systems and BlueCube Software. In 2005, he left FinTech for the games industry when he co-founded Hi-Rez Studios.  Hi-Rez’ most popular title is the mythology themed, action game SMITE which has over 25 million players on the PC and is a top free-to-play game on the Xbox One and Playstation 4.  In 2016 more than $3,000,000 in cash prizing was awarded to the best Smite players and the January 2017 World Championship in Atlanta was viewed online by over 5 million people.   Todd and Hi-Rez Studios are now developing the fantasy team-based shooter Paladins and the turn-based strategy game Smite Tactics.

  • Victor Suski

    AVGL - American Video Game League

  • Wim Stocks