eSports is a new contender when it comes to both sports and the gambling industry alike. Even though esports has been going on for some time, competitive video games are relatively new, compared to traditional sports. The advent of the internet brought along with its online video gaming and streaming online. To answer the question of whether you can consistently beat Esports betting, we will have to systematically dissect the essence of esports and how betting affects the same.

Esports has been on the rise since the advent of the internet and will continue to grow as a highly profitable business. Some players simply bet for the fun of it, while other players play to make profits from it, and some players are in it for both. Whichever way it may be, esports is highly entertaining and is very fun indeed.

profitable business

Esports betting is much like any other traditional form of betting and involves an underdog and a favourite. The wagers will work as positive and negative bets, positive indicating the underdog and negative indicating the favourite. If a team is valued at -185 for example, it means that it is the favourite team and for every $100 put into the team, you get $185. However, there is such a thing as a commission for the bookmaker and is called juice. However you can still make a profit, albeit a long term one even if you lose a lot of bets, but keep your number of winning bets remains higher than the number of losing bets.

There are certain games which are based purely on luck, like roulette, slot games etc. However, there are other games like poker, DFS, etc. that require skill to win and not just dumb luck. Esports betting is one of the latter types of games. It is not to say that success is not involved here, but you can increase your odds by learning the game and betting accordingly.


There are, however, no recognised significant gamblers that are currently earning a living off esports betting. However, it is safe to say that it is possible to do so.
A large amount of money pours into the business of gambling, and now, a significant amount flows through the esports sector as well. So in the future, with more money flowing into esports, making a living off esports betting is a possibility.


So esports betting, with its increasing popularity and increasing influx of money, might be a new way to gamble in the digital world, and for fairly good reasons. So be a bit more open-minded, play your games right and you could be walking home with a fortune sometime in the near future.