Esports is steadily on the rise as a competitor for traditional sports in the field of betting. It is basically a worldwide video game involving players from all over the world. So before we go into further detail about esports, it is important to know the type of games played in the esports sector. Here are a few that have been gaining popularity over the years. esports ●Call of Duty ●PUBG ●League of Legends ●Street Fighter ●FIFA football ●Dota 2 ●Overwatch ●Battlefield ●Halo ●Super Smash Bros ●StarCraft II ●Rocket League ●Smite Some of these might be familiar to you, some maybe not; but all of them are considered esports events and are very much bet on. Global Impact It is important to know the turnover of the industry, to understand how much this industry has grown over the years. Ellers and Krejcik Gaming, a Market research firm, reported that there had been an estimate of seven billion four million dollars in the fiscal year of 2018, and it has grown since. It is estimated to reach 20 billion or more in the year 2020 and is expected to go even higher in the coming years. Games like Call of Duty, Dota 2 and League of Legends are available to bet on international bookmaking websites like Bet365 and Paddy Power, but it is bound to accommodate more games in the coming years. More and more famed betting websites are becoming better accustomed to eSports, and therefore it can be said that this may lead to eSports becoming a future windfall in the gambling industry. If you think that this industry is small, think again because the E-Sports betting industry rakes in more money than the golf and rugby bookmakers every year, with increasingly larger margins per year.

The growth of this industry is inevitable, because of faster internet and unlimited competition rising every year. Since esports does not need a particular court or turf to play on, no previous gaming experience is required to play on different terrains. The supply of betting opportunities is ever-increasing, and so is the demand. This leads to more and more bookmakers coming to the scene and reiterating the cycle, creating a larger nexus of gambling per game per year. CONCLUSION So it is safe to say that esports betting is the future of mainstream gambling in the coming years. Esports is the game that sees growth in everyday life and so it may be said that the esports market is the best future market for the gambling industry.