ESports is a growing betting niche in the public domain and is growing rapidly over time. The prize money and number of people watching such events are increasing with each passing year, indicating that it may be time to up the game for gamblers.

But what are the key differences between traditional sports betting and esports betting? Before we go into that, let’s see the similarities between the two.

Similarities Between Esports Betting and Traditional Sports Betting

●Stats Availability

Stats regarding the outcomes of previous games is very important when it comes betting. In the field of sports betting, be it traditional or otherwise, it’s very important to go through to different stats available in order to deduce which team to bet on. Fortunately, these tags are easily available all over the internet, even more so for esports rather than traditional sports.

●Betting Sites Abundance

A large number of betting sites that used to host betting on sports are now increasingly accommodating more and more esports events. This makes it easier for the bettors since they don’t have to go elsewhere to bet on them.


An extension of the previous point, with more and more betting sites accommodating esports events, it becomes easier for bettors to bet on esports events, and since these are on the same websites, they do not have to learn anything new to bet on esports.


That being said, let us now look into the differences between eSports and traditional sports betting.

Differences Between Esports Betting and Traditional Sports Betting

●Fatigue And Injury Probability

Traditional sports games like soccer, football, tennis, cricket, hockey, etc. can be extremely physically challenging and therefore, can cause fatigue and injury. However, since esports involves less amount of physical strain, the probability of physical injury is less. However, things like jetlag and the fatigue of travel might affect eSports players adversely. In short, it can be said that fatigue and injury is a possibility in both cases, but it affects different people differently.


In the field of traditional sports, there is no fear of volatility in gambling, since game scheduling is done beforehand, and No surprises are expected. Therefore the confidence of gamblers increases significantly. However, in the case of eSports, the market is much more volatile, and game scheduling has only been evolving for so long. This makes bettors uneasy and reluctant to gamble.


●The Digitality

Esports Betting is completely digital, as the game itself. This means that weather conditions, referee mistakes, etc. are not an issue here. In Traditional Sports, however, these play an important role in the outcome of a game.