Esports or Electronic Sports is a global development that as blown gamers’ minds. The industry started in the 1990s and had estimated a $906 million revenue in 2018. the industry includes betting on sports or online games like Dota 2, Call of Duty and many more, that have gained immense popularity among today’s youth. Although some countries consider Esports to be an illegal activity, there are debates to scrutinize the same.

Esports betting

According to a study, the money bet worldwide on Esports betting both legally and illegally accounts to $6.7 billion as of 2018 and is estimated to reach $6.7 billion by the end of 2020. Due to the increase in their popularity, many countries include the ones like Unikrn, are running websites to raise funds to support the industry and its standards. Esports betting’s having always been legal in Asia and Europe, but it is recently that the government of USA legalized the industry of Esports betting. Despite all efforts to legalize the industry across the world, there have still been debates about it in certain countries. One reason it is still unpopular despite its fun and magic is because of how different countries/states pursue the activity. Some consider it another form of gambling.

Polymorphic View

Since the debates regarding this concern have not been concluded in most countries, a law has been imposed to consider that as a legal activity in different states. A polymorphic view indicates that sports are based on benefit and dignity. The polymorphic view of the topic also suggests for agreement to disagreement. Hence, if the Esports industry is considered as an organization, then it can work and support on its views. One good example of this is when ESPN dedicated to telecast live Esports events on their channel, which works in favour both for Esports as well as the health industry. The two organizations agreed to disagree. Thus, this implies that a polymorphic view on esports should allow different states to employ esports and consider it.

State’s view

However, for every state in the country to comply with sports betting depends on the context in which it is considered. For example, the bills passed by West Virginia include all kinds of leisure in the best interest of their people as sports betting. For the legalization of sports betting, the entire organization should be employed as sports, with controlled measures on the activities:

State's view
The state should employ incentives to manage the revenue and the incentives developed from Esports betting’s. An excellent financial practice will allow more and more states to engage themselves in legalizing the organization.
Illegal forms of betting and gambling can be ruled out, and strict action has to be taken against violators.
Legalizing any forms of Esports or sports betting can reduce the irregular forms of activities in the state. This is regarding the best interest of the state.