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Esports is predicted to become a $10 billion industry by 2023. The increasing demand for online multiplayer games and the introduction of major gaming leagues is a clear sign that esports has a bright future ahead.


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Is E-Sports Betting Going to be Bigger then Regular Sports Betting

Is E-Sports Betting Going to be Bigger then Regular Sports Betting

Major college and professional basketball, football, tennis and horse racing are some of the4 most popular sports for betting by volume, with football being the largest sport in the world for betting volume. And even though most professional and collegiate sports are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with few or no crowds being allowed in, gambling on professional sports shows no signs of lessening. In the United States, in Nevada alone, over 5 billion dollars are bet on sports gambling. And according to Forbes, close to 110 billion dollars are spent each year just betting on football. Now, there is a new contender in sports betting, and it’s becoming very popular with bookmakers, and it’s called E-Sports. Those who are over 30 may be forgiven for not even recognizing E-Sports as a legitimate sport, but the idea here is that games such as CSGP. Data 2. Fortnite, League of Legends, and more are being gambled upon with bookmakers right along with Soccer, the NBA or the NFL.

When did E-sports gambling start

Our question of the day is will E-sports betting ever become bigger than Regular Sports. And to answer that, we have to look at the evolution of eSports. According to many, the first professional Esports tournament was held at Stanford University in 1972, with the top prize being a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. From there, it took a lot of advances in technology, as well as a significantly increased amount of gamers to develop E-Sports tournaments worth be called a global phenomenon, and even in 2018, the very best players in E-sports were commanding salaries of up to 2 million dollars. Considering that Roger Federer earned $106 million in purses playing tennis in 2020, footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Mess took in $100 million-plus salaries and LeBron James crashed into $88 million, their salaries dwarf professional E-Sports players. Indeed, the average salary for an NBA player in 2020 was 7 million dollars.

So how do players salaries affect sports betting

For those who dream that one-day E-Sports will outdraw regular sports betting, there are a lot of negative facts that tend to deny that conclusion will ever happen. The first is that where the money is in sports is at an unprecedented level. Let’s move away from the professional level and talk just a little bit about colleges and sports. According to the NCAA, the average division 1 school spends 80 million dollars per year on its sports program. And college football stadiums are huge, with 7 of them seating over 100,000 people. Now compare this to E-sports. There are no mega-stadiums or stadiums of any type to watch E-sports. Instead, the vast majority of gamers watch E-sports on Twitch. And while Twitch has a healthy audience, the numbers watching collegiate Division 1 football, let alone all the different sports of Major League Baseball, NFL, the National Hockey Association and the NBA, let alone European Soccer, far outshines those who watch E-Sports. And It’s sort of a solitary sport to watch. Few if any people invite 5 or 6 mates over for pizza and beer to watch a League of Legend tournament. In fact, the fact that E-sports is such a solitary sport is what kills its chances of breaking into the big leagues. Take the game of American football or basketball, whether it be at the collegiate level or the pro level. Even a 75-year old grandmother who has never played the game in their life can appreciate the athleticism of a 75-yard pass completion or a dunk in basketball. And there are plenty of resources available to understand the game. However, in E-sports, only those who have actually played the game can appreciate the mental athleticism of an E-sport. And unfortunately, most of them would rather spend time playing the game rather than being a spectator and cheering on others.

Who cares about E-sport?

And unfortunately, a great deal of the public believes that video games, in general, are a waste of time. The only thing most adults agree on is that in general, reading, taking up a real sport, or to learn ballet, tap dancing or singing is worth the time involved in developing a faster reaction time. We think that to produce a major shift in the acceptance of video games there must be a truly momentous effort to shift the general public’s perception of video games as a whole. Go to any high school in Canada and chances are there is at least a high school football and basketball team. So the opportunity to learn a legitimate sport is ubiquitous worldwide. We don’t expect to see high schools offering E-sports teams for at least another 20 or 30 years, followed by another decade to teach non-players to understand the rules and the intricacies of play.

Too many sports period

Another thing that is not in E-sport’s favour is the sheer amount of games. There are dozens of games out there, but which one is best. You can hardly expect the public to divide up its already fragmented attention and suddenly embrace 10 or 15 new games. The E-sports segment is splintered. If there were one new game that everyone could agree on that was the best, then E-sports might have a chance to catch on, but it appears that is likely never to

The future of E-sports gambling

Don’t get us wrong, as more and more young players take up E-sports, then bookmakers will naturally take bettor’s money on tournaments. However, until there is a common game with easily understood rules, don’t expect E-sp-orts to have a chance at catching the majority of betting vs regular sports for at least 50 years or more.

Beginners Guide To E-Sports Betting

Beginners Guide To E-Sports Betting

E-sport betting has taken center stage in the e-sports gambling industry. Sports betting enthusiasts can now use various devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones to make their bets. Gone are those days when you had to access a betting shop in order to place your bet. E-sports betting allows you to enjoy faster betting with easy and manageable gambling services. All thanks to technology. But this has given rise to another problem; many bettors are clueless on what they’re doing and just place their bets anyhow. To avoid this kind of carelessness, here is a beginner’s guide to e-sports betting everyone should follow.

1. Always Bet Via Reputable Betting Sites

Betting at a reputable e-sport site is one of the best pieces of advice you can ever get as a beginner. Since you are still a beginner and you don’t have the betting experience, a reputable betting site will probably provide you with easy and excellent betting terms ideal for your level. There are thousands of digital e-sport betting sites that offer betting services that suit today’s digital age. Although the number of these e-sport betting sites tends to increase every other day, not all of them promise the best services. You should be especially careful with the newbies in the industry. For excellent e-sport betting experience, Spin Palace Sports and Betway e-sport are just a few e-sport betting sites you should trust. Don’t forget to look at things such as the number of games, payouts and customer support when choosing a bookmarker.

2. Set A Strict Budget

It has been a norm among many e-sport betting enthusiasts to play without following a strict budget. This has resulted in counting losses rather than winning. Without a strict budget, even if you win, you’ll still end up spending all your wins hence reap no benefits. Losing cash one-sport betting site is normal because betting is merely based on luck. However, you cannot afford to just lose your money out of carelessness. You need to work your way towards controlling how much you’re comfortable losing. If you manage your bankroll well, betting will never drive you bankrupt. As a beginner to e-sport betting, always set a daily, weekly or even monthly budget depending on your wallet’s size. This is manageable only if you applied self-control and discipline in your betting.

3. Get Familiar With The Games You’re Betting On

With thousands of games available on the e-sport betting site, it is an uphill task to find the best games that promise excellent odds. So, if you are a beginner in the industry and looking forward to becoming a successful e-sport gambler, ensure you get familiar with any games you’re betting on. Don’t just bet on any game you come across. You need to understand the ins and outs of the games and choose the ones that interest you the most. So, take your time, do research, and ask friends about the idea games. Doing your research and making your favourite game is one of the best steps towards becoming a pro bettor.

4. Set Some Objectives

This is another essential beginner guide for e-sport betting. If you’re going to make betting part of your life, you’re going to have some goals and objectives. Without this, you’ll not have any clear directions on your betting and you’ll never reap any benefits. Setting up some objectives will help you stay focused on your betting, but you will also get motivated. Know what you want to achieve and understand the process that will take you to that. While learning about e-sport betting, you need not only focus on making money. Extend your objectives in that, and you can also learn about the tricks of winning huge money. Work your way towards becoming a professional bettor or even a gaming analyst. If you don’t know, sports betting can turn into your full-time career if you do it well.

5. Consider Multiple E-Sport Betting Sites

If you’re looking forward to being successful in e-sport betting, you should never stick to a single site. Researching for multiple e-sport betting sites is a must for anyone who wants to smell success. Although you may already have an excellent site by your side, only one is never enough to give you the desired exposure. When you consider the multiples of e-sport betting sites, you will probably come to gauge the odds on offer for an e-Sports-based betting market. This will later enable you to determine the best quality of the odds to play with. You’ll also know the different features they offer and reap maximum benefits.

6. Get To Know Players And Team

You cannot improve your betting skills if you don’t know the players. Player knowledge is paramount to help you choose your betting games well and increase your chances of success. Since the team may decide to dedicate some roles to a certain player, failure to study the team analysis before the game can lead to the wrong choice selection. Knowing a team and player’s history should be the best way to go before you start making your bets.

7. Look Beyond Major E-Sports Tournaments

Looking beyond major e-sport tournaments also becomes a must-learn guide for anyone who wants to become a skilled bettor. There are many major e-sport tournaments that you can consider. To help you get the best choices, League of Legends World Championship and The International are common e-sport tournaments available that you can think of. Don’t just stick your mind on the major tournaments as the small ones can also turn out to be lucrative in the long run.

Bottom Line

You don’t need a degree in sports technology to become an excellent e-sport gambler. The beginner guides are enough to provide you with a step by step gambling guide to ensure you become the best at what you do. Well, mastering the guide doesn’t mean that you’ll win all your bets, it only guarantees that you’ll be better informed not to make silly mistakes. Looking beyond major e-sport tournaments, having a good idea of team and players, and considering multiple e-sports games are just a few beginner guides to sports betting you should learn to understand. Remember, learning doesn’t sport as far as e-sports betting is concerned.

What 2021 Might Hold for eSports

What 2021 Might Hold for eSports

There is so much that is-offered with the new year coming, e-sports has grown unbelievably immense since everyone has been at home, waiting for all NEW releases and updated NEW to be released,

For 50-years (CES) possesses a signified global spotlight of innovation.

CES 2021 IS ALL Digital

-This will be taking place on Jan 11th – 14th

*All-Conferences, Showcases & ”More” will be held*

*The time of the hour will be shown* closer to the dates above.

Staying healthy is everyone’s concern-So (CTA) wants to connect with customers, media, exhibitors from all around the world with a digital experience.

CES wants to-do more than engaging with global brands they want to “Define the future with Tech-Industry!.

KEYNOTES AND CONFERENCES: Now it’s time for insights and announcements from the worlds Tech leaders Completely online

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: With your-interest explores products and services within powerful product showcase’s or live demos

MEETING AND NETWORKING: Interlace with brand leaders/business connections that you care about with live communications and meetups or roundtable conferences.


1: Watchdogs legion

2: Errandboy

3: Clouzy

4: Surviving the aftermath

5: Little witch in the woods

6: Roots of Pacha

7: Battlefield 5

8: Dirt 5

9: Cyber knights

As of now, everyone is waiting for the world’s 2021 NORTH AMERICA CHAMPIONSHIP

for the “League Of Legends” for the 10th world championship for one of the largest fan bases.

Fans are excited to visit the new region in 2021 and sharing news with new countries for a global event.

Real sports are very competitive and have a bigger fan base, but Esports is bringing a new feature to the world where the knowledge will make the most.

The best thing is bringing two worlds closer together and making a combination with more than experience and knowledge.


Expected dates 10-12-2021 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The Esports travel summit focuses mainly on esports and gaming -the impact of the travel industry that has been created within the sponsorships and involved organizations-so this-event makes it “important” for business and networking opportunities.


SEA GAMES, The Asian electronic sports federation (ASEF)

Currently, in need and inquiring assistance, Esports steps to the plate to make this a medal event. The (POC) Philippines Olympic committee

Included Esports-although the (NESF) National electronic sports federation did not include-Esports so-currently there is an appeal of 11 countries of the host country that are taking part in the SEA GAMES.

2024 Esports will take part in the Paris Olympics, but as a demonstration event, the 2021 SEA games will occur being biennial events.


(CES) Is going digital this-means no one will have to go to Vegas each year-over 175,000 people show up to this event in person every year in the month in January, ”it is”- known for its very high contour product launches for larger companies. Although the COVID 19 had put stress in the ”event” the companies are still going to be likely to continue with their plans because the event will be virtual.


electronic slideshow recently announced that the CES 2021, Will be switching to an online/offline event to a digital-only event. The show is to be in person again in the year 2022.


these to companies announce that they would be having, A-great focus for original content onward-including experimental plans to go live for competitions.

Ulrich Schulze, senior vice president of ESL

released the comment saying the ESL PRO TOUR

will be an undergoing mission to have our players and fans here at the center of the esports experience,

With this, the dynamic duo’s weekend will do way more than only maximize excitement and content for supporters throughout the universe.

Players will avail of a balanced & more competitive schedule.

The unique arrangement will allow the ESL Pro Tour will draw players and fans closer collectively and closer to the action.


Minnesota State University, Mankota announced that there will be a launch of a varsity esports team scheduled for the spring in the year 2021.

Mankato’s IT Solutions program members will celebrate the new accomplishment by cutting a ribbon at the team’s training department, this event will be held in the Wissink Hall.

esports is the entirety of the fastest-growing competitive at universities over the country Minnesota state university players esports and now they are going to have a more enjoyable experience playing this will bring new insight to the students.

with esports doing-this then esports will be a member of the (NACE) NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGIATE ESPORTS that’s a nonprofit org.

So even though the pandemic has come through and has put everything on a standstill and events had to be moved out and events canceled There was a way that esports saw through all of the bad and seen all of the good and by going virtual it offered more of an aspect to the professionals and all the major companies and offering a different type of atmosphere sitting in the comfort of your home and attending the live event and making a purchase or leaning, innovation esports has done it they have opened the eyes of 2021 for what is to come.

The Best Type of Bets on eSports

The Best Type of Bets on eSports

People have been betting on sports for a long time, illegal or not, betting in office pools and with friends who gathered around in living rooms to watch the sport. Gambling on sports was illegal until May 2018. Now, with the emergence of the internet, esports exploded in the world. What came next was normal to human behaviour. Large esports organizations began to partner with gambling organizations and wanted legalization globally.

Esports Organizations Partner with Gambling Organizations

Nevada started by legalizing esports gambling in June 2017 comparing esports to professional sports and dog racing. Nevada gambling became involved with the games. Soon New Jersey joined them for leadership and a leading role in the United State and even globally. With the internet that is possible as never before. ESL and Stackster partnered with Puntt.gg in New Jersey and the battle was on for legalization in the United States. It went to the Supreme Court and the decision brought gambling on sports full circle. Gambling is with us, has always been with us, and gambling on esports, a game where there are a personal goal and interest, was here to stay.

Beginning of Pro-Players

Korea was one nation that allowed the gaming world and sports entities to thrive, but the game did go global quickly. Players had become professional, backed by organizations. The Korean investigators went global to see what those players were making off the game and found the average pro-player with Starcraft Series made an average of $38,241. Ten players made more than $85,241 and one player made over $100,000 including bonuses. Those figures were expected to rise. The report considered 40 pro-players from Starcraft and League of Legends with the most money made by Starcraft players.

We now had old fashioned bookies banding into large organizations. Those organizations needed policing and rules to keep legal. New Jersey gave those out. New Jersey legalized the betting in time for The World Cup of 2018 which reached 400,000 internet viewers, the internet being the main venue, and for a time, the only deliverer of esports. Esports was considered non-competitive.

Rules of the Game

Now the New Jersey Department of Gaming handed operational rules to Puntt.gg outlawing betting on insider information, match-fixing and cheating. Every tournament must be registered and approved by the New Jersey Gaming Department beforehand.

Bets were placed on the outcomes of tournaments, the games milestones, odds and evens, the outcome of some experts, such as how many kills they had. Players can bet Dota2, a pool of betting system of fan against fan as in those friendship bets. Bets can be placed on any aspect of the games that the fans and players can think up.

Strategies and Gambling Statistics

The internet, being global, can keep track of games, featured players, bets and anything else important to esports. They can then calculate more clearly than ever, odds for each aspect each time making the bookmaking odds for winning well. Just like any gambling, betting with large organizations will not let anyone win too much too often.

The Internet and Television

At first, esport was just a game and was played at home. Becoming larger, tournaments and more popular esports began to be played on the internet. The word esports was entered in the dictionary. The capital S and E were dropped for small letters. The initial word was spelled E-Sports. The hyphen was dropped now that the word was so popular in the public.

At the same time, television began to be interested and telecasters began to see opportunities. Could they make a living at this esports thing? Disney became interested and bought into the field. One station was dedicated to televising tournaments. And, yes, telecasters began to find a place.

League of Legends reported that 22 million games are played daily. One event in 2014 streamed more than 160,000.

Top Games

• Counter-Strike

• Global Offensive

• Dota 2

• League of Legends

• Overwatch


Betting Odds

There are three types of betting systems, the decimal, the fractional and the American. The decimal is used on most American tournaments or the odds are shown as decimals only. There are many sites now that inform players and fans about the coming tournaments. Knowledge is still the best betting tool. That, and each player’s need to beat the organized betting systems that know the odds better than anyone. The information needed is out there, is available but takes more time and energy than most of us have.

The Decimal system states all betting odds in decimals such as 4.1. You multiply your bet times the decimal point. For example, you bet $10 and win. You would have 4.1 X $10=$41deduct from this your $10 bet and you have winnings of $31.

The fractional system states all betting odds infractions such as 4/1. You place a $10 bet. You will multiply $10 X 4 plus your bet of $10 and you have $50 and a profit of $40.

The American system is an unusual system that usually requires an explanation. A (-) sign before the favoured team followed by a number, is the amount to be bet to make a profit of $100.

A (+) sign before the underdog followed by a number is the amount you must bet to have a profit of $100.

If you bet on the favoured team it would look like this: (+)$770, you would bet $770 plus the $100. You would be paid the $870 for a $100 profit.

If you bet on the underdog, it would look like this: (-) $770, you would bet $100 and the odds were $770 you would win $770 plus your $100. Your payout would be $870 and your wining would be $770.

Moneyline is an esport jargon term for the favoured team for a tournament series listed with its odds. For instance the money line for Sportscraft (1.5) vs League of legends (.1). If you bet$10 on Sportscraft and they win and you will win $5.

Match over and under is more complicated yet, unless you love the betting. This allows the player to bet on multiple series. Each will have it’s odd that looks like this: -1.5, -2.5,+2.5,+1.5.

We would have Sportscraft (-1.5@1.7 odds) vs League of Legends best of 5 series. The series starts at -1.5 with League of Legends 0. In the end, Sportcraft wins 2 maps and League of Legends won 1 map. Sportscraft would win,5 and League of Legend would win 1. League of Legends would win overall because of the -1.5 beginning.

Individual maps bets are available on series. These are very difficult bets and easy on which to lose. If you have some knowledge about the player and have kept former plays and scores, you have a leg up and this betting with the rather favourable odds may be good for you.

Again, if you’ve kept records of past scores and players, map betting on series might be very profitable. Though, generally, these bets are more difficult to project.

Variety bets are bets for individual things, like ‘most kills’ or ‘most deaths.

The Best Places for eSports Betting

The Best Places for eSports Betting

When it comes to knowing which website is the best place for eSports betting, it boils down to what you prefer. However, even if you have your preferences, it is still good to be fully informed as to what makes the site the best choice. A few examples that could persuade a favorite include the odds offered or how many games the eSports betting site offers. We understand that there are many other eSports betting sites out there to choose from, but we highly recommend checking out our choices first.

With that, we have listed the best places for eSports betting.


As soon as you land on GG.BET, you will see how many choices you have for betting on your favorite eSport. With GG.BET, you know that you will feel safe and secure as you bet thanks in part from the fact that the site is licensed by the well-known Malta Gaming Authority. With GG.BET, you will have the best odds available as well as receiving the best ways to make withdrawals and deposits. Although GG.BET is a new player in the market; they continue to prove to be dedicated to each better, which truly makes them one of the best around.


If you are looking for a more customary eSports site, then you will enjoy your time with 1xBet. Besides eSports betting, 1xBetprovides access to an online casino where you can take a break from sports betting and try your hand on other forms of gambling. 1xBet especially makes it a point to provide many ways for players to receive a payout via Steam or cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Even though the deposit amounts are low, they do not add many punter limits.


Bet365 is also considered to be a conventional eSports site and has a long history of providing sports betting to gamblers located worldwide. Bet365 is a powerhouse among other eSport websites and have managed to gain an extremely large amount of trust by being a well-grounded site. As part of their portfolio, Bet365 furnishes all eSport features like great odds and many markets to choose from, although they have very little involvement with eSports.


If you are looking for an eSports provider that shows their support daily, then Betway is perfect for you. Betway remains a popular option for all eSport betters due to their ability to present the eSports uniquely. With Betway, you are given full access to many deals as you bet in the eSport market.


The makers of Unikrn have managed to create a website that is so profound that it allows betters to concentrate on the eSports that they love. As you bet, you can choose from the most well-known eSports known today. Not only that, but Unikrn also accepts cryptocurrency so that the door remains open for all new players.

Esports Betting

With Esports Betting, all players get a website that allows gamblers to experience esports lie no other. You will see how easy it is to make bets on your favorite esports such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS: GO. Being ahead of its time makes Esports Betting the site to visit for all of your betting needs that can be fulfilled.

Things to Consider Before Betting at an Esport Site

Before betting through an Esport website, you need to keep in mind of a few things first. This includes many features as well as legalities, such as having a gaming license.

When an eSports website has a reputable license, it is viewed as being a site that can be trusted. The license also ensures that the site practices fairness and follows all regulations set in place by the licensing agency.

If you notice that the eSport site does not list a licensing agency, then you need to walk away and avoid it because it will not be regulated. If you find any of the following licensing entities, then you can rest easy knowing that your personal and banking information will be secure: Gibraltar, Curacao, Malta Gaming Authority, or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Besides a licensing authority, the eSports betting site should provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If anything, having a live chat will be the best way that you need to be able to contact customer service for all questions and concerns.

Having reliable payment options is another important factor to take into consideration. This is because we all want to receive the money that we win. So the eSports site needs to provide the payment option that works best for you. You need to understand that the speed of a deposit and withdrawal will not be the same. With a deposit, it is almost always instantly completed; however, a withdrawal may require verification before any withdrawal being processed. To be safe, ensure to check out the eSport’s policy on withdrawals first.

Live eSport Opportunities

Many eSport sites have begun to cater to bettors that want a live option to fulfil their betting needs. Websites that offer this option allow their players to make an ‘in-play’ bet. Sites that allow “in-play” include Buff.net, Betway, and Pinnacle.

You may find it difficult to locate a website that offers a live betting option if you don’t know where to look. So, if the three listed mentioned above don’t seem like a good match for your needs, then you may be better off sticking to the conventional eSports betting sites that we have listed above.

A couple of new companies that are attempting to make their eSport presence known include Ladbrokes and Unibet.

Esport Betting Pools

If you are interested, many betting pools are offered through eSport betting. Unfortunately, there is only one eSports website that currently provides pools, and that is Punt.gg

When a pool is created, the better can pay a price that has been fixed, and when the game ends, all winnings are split evenly among the pool of bettors that made the winning bet.

Regulating Esport Betting

Like we mentioned above, all of the sites that we listed have some sort of license from a regulating authority. These regulating entities are well-known around the world, so your personal and banking information will remain safe at all times.

Interview With Andrew Stone on the Future of eSports

Interview With Andrew Stone on the Future of eSports

What Does The Future Of Esports Hold For Everyone: A Sit Down Interview With Andrew Stone

We had a chance to sit down with the one and only Andrew Stone recently, author of one of the best Canadian Gambling Website for a discussion about the future of esports. Keep in mind, the view expressed in this interview are Andrew’s views, and his alone. Some of you might feel differently. According to Andrew Stone, the future looks pretty good, though some factors might be phased out, as new ideas come into play.

A Recap Of How Andrew Stone Views The Future Of Esports

1) The Terms Used Might Become a Bit Outdated

Right now we use the term “esports”. However, according to Andrew, that term might be phased out at some point. What does that mean? Most esport athletes are similar to a regular athlete or performer. According to many official government sites, they recognize esport athletes as normal athletes when it comes to visa applications. There is not much difference when you put it in that context. According to Andrew, at some point, esports will be called sports. Most people are going to get to a point where they call it a regular sport(even though it is online).

2) The Olympics Are Not Far Off

Just when you think the impossible is not going to happen, it does. Now, this is not going to happen overnight, according to Andrew. It might take a while but think about something first. There are two examples we want you to take a look at. Look at DOTA2 and League of Legends. Those two games, in particular. attract athletes and spectators like any other game. Crowds sellout around the globe. It makes perfect sense that this might become a “thing”. Another thing to mention is the esports charts. Back in 2018, more than 30 million Chinese people tuned in to watch the Chinese teams and the numbers are on the rise. They were competing in the regionals for League of Legends. Why is this important? The reason is that Asians began recognizing esports as highly competitive games similar to their regular sports. Keep in mind, that the Asian games(similar to the Olympics) are something that happens every four years. The Asians started adding esports as a demonstration game. Once again, that is huge. Many insiders, including Andrew Stone, that suggest that the Olympics are the next step. It is a big deal when the Asian Games start to brag about competitiveness and how popular esports is.

3) Esports Bagging More Bank

We all know how popular regular sports are, including how much revenue they earn every year. According to Andrew Stone and other experts, esports is set to bring in more money than the traditional sports we all know, and love. Last year, esports brought in a massive $1 billion. Now, some of you are going to ask how that is a big deal. After all, football(in particular, the NFL) brought in a massive $14 billion three years ago. We can understand some of the scepticism. However, you need to keep one thing in mind. Look at how long it took the football and other popular sports to bring in that kind of money. It was not that way in the beginning. All we are saying is, give it a chance. According to Andrew’s interview, it might take some time, but esports will start raking in more cash around the globe. Also, according to Andrew and other experts, it could get to a point where esports outweigh rugby. It also could get to a point where esports outperforms hockey.

4) The Media Companies Will Get More Involved

Not to say that the media companies are not involved now. They are. We are going to get to a point where the streaming services start a bidding war for esports competitions. They are not there, yet, but they are catching up. As more press gets involved with esports, so do the media companies. A few examples could lie in the giants like Disney, Comcast, and Netflix. Recently, the CEO of Netflix came out with a statement that might not have been uttered years ago. He said(in general) that he is more afraid of the esport Fortnite than he is of Disney. Now, according to Andrew, that is a very impressive statement and something that should be met with a big deal. The reason is that most streaming services are afraid of other streaming services. They all compete to bring in the best of the best for their customers. When one massive streaming service acquires the rights to something major(something that other companies wanted), it becomes headline news around the world. That is why that statement from the CEO of Netflix is pretty powerful. It shows the tide is turning. It also shows that esports is becoming a major force to be reckoned with. One company that has a headstart is Amazon. Amazon is not just another e-commerce platform. They own the streaming platform Twitch. Why is that such a big deal? According to Andrew Stone, Twitch is the number one platform for watching esports. Now, do you get why this is becoming a much bigger deal than anyone expected?

5) The Bidding Wars

Since Amazon owns Twitch, there is now a bidding war for other streaming companies to get the next big thing before any other company. That is why companies are encouraged to jump right in without getting their feet wet. Most streaming platforms are going to be the first to acquire the rights to a major esports online event.

Conclusion According to our interview with Andrew, future bidding wars between streaming platforms is going to be much larger. The first one to get the deal is the one with the prize. Remember, it is a dog-eat-dog world we live in. According to Andrew Stone, this frenzy is going to change the way everyone views esports for good.

An Expert’s Guide To E-Sports Betting In 2020

An Expert’s Guide To E-Sports Betting In 2020

Esports has been slowly rising in popularity over the years and is now a million-dollar turning industry worldwide. In fact, it is estimated that the esports industry will reach 20 billion USD worldwide by the end of 2020. This is a significantly high amount, especially because the ESports industry is still largely considered ‘under the radar’.

So before we go into further detail about esports, it is important to know the type of games played in the esports sector. Here are a few that have gained popularity over the years.

●Call of Duty
●League of Legends
●Street Fighter
●FIFA football
●Dota 2
●Super Smash Bros
●StarCraft II
●Rocket League

esports betting

There are so many others that are not mentioned but are widely available and popular.

So what is esports betting?

It is common for people outside the video game space to have even heard about esports, but might have even played it, or as a matter of fact, do even today. Esports is basically competitive video gaming. It involves a number of people playing video games against each other, and it has been going on for quite some time now. However, it is comparatively recently that this came to the attention of gamblers and esports betting was born. Esports betting, like any other form of a traditional form of sports, is betting on the outcome of the game. It is rapidly increasing in popularity and is very engaging and entertaining.

Esports betting gathers large live audiences as well. For example, in the 2017 Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Finale that took place at Katowice, Poland, there was an approximate 173,000 people watching it live – which is 100,000 more people than the Superbowl attendance that year. So it is evident that eSports is clearly on the rise.

Types of Bets

●Betting Outrights

This bet is the most popular form of betting in the esports industry, and it involves betting before the event starts. There are different ways to go about it. The most popular type is betting that one player will emerge victoriously. There are also bets made on which teams or players get to the next level of competition, while other bets are regarding which teams and players might get eliminated before the next stage starts.

●Match Winner

These are pretty clear bets: these are made on the winning player, whoever that may be. Depending on the odds of the game and the potential of the players, the bets on players and teams may vary.


This bet is made on totals: total number of kills, the total number of rounds played, number of maps played, number of points etc. It is basically betting on the stats of the game rather than individual players and teams.

10 Reasons to Bet on Esports Rather Than Football

10 Reasons to Bet on Esports Rather Than Football

Esports betting has been around since the 1990s but has recently gained popularity after the invention of new multiplayer games. Whereas Football, on the other hand, has been popular for decades now. Due to the demand in both groups of betting, it is often intimidating to choose between Esports vs Football. However, we’ve put forward ten reasons to choose Esports betting over Football betting:

Easily Accessible

If you’re betting on football matches, then there are two ways by which you can witness the game: Either by paying for a television subscription that will telecast live or by being manually present in the arena (includes tickets and travel). It is a tiresome process, especially if you’re betting from another state or counter. However, Esports betting can go easy on your pockets as they allow you to bet online and any event happening in the arena is telecasted and streamed for free on channels like YouTube and Twitch.


Mélange of games

If you opt for soccer or football betting, then you can drive only on one side of the road. However, if you choose to bet on Esports matches and tournaments, then you’ll have the option of choosing from a variety of games like Counterstrike, Call of Duty and many more. You can also accustom to the different leagues and matches to become a part of the esports world.


Sorry to burst the bubble, but Esports fans have a better knowledge of the matches taking place than that of the traditional football bookmarkers. So you see the regulation here. If you start betting on esports games, then you could also become a professional esports bookmaker.

Effect on odds

Football betting employs a standard procedure with the same set of teams that follow similar odds in every match they play. It could be fun in the beginning. But once you get accustomed to it, the chances of getting bored are high. Howbeit, Esports events and games are more likely to step up their database and characters time and again, which also calls for varying odds, every time a bettor places a bet.


In addition to the point mentioned above, Esports betting can be unpredictable because there is a new frontier of gamers in every set of matches. Hence it can make the event all the more exciting and fun, compared to the traditional football games.



Websites like the CyberNet offers the streaming and betting on Esports, that attracts customers and bettors to the market. In contrast, traditional football betting sites follow a standard pattern which fails to attract newcomers and the younger generation to the market.


We’ve all heard of Lionel Messi, Ronaldo and many more that are football superstars. However, esports players are always on the line with you, which help in better communication and build an entire community around them.


The vocation of VAR technology has been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. Majority of times, fans have shown their frustration on the results of such technologies. This is not the case with Esports, because the entire gameplay happens on the screen that is continually recorded, without confusing to decide the winners.


Individual playing

While playing any Esport games, players are playing the same version of the games. Hence, there is no middle man or a referee (like in Football) to monitor the event and alter the rules. The game and its outcome is crystal clear, which avoids a lot of havoc and confusion.


Esports has been growing from the past 15years. Although football betting is still the main form of betting or gambling in countries like Japan, Esports is slowing taking over the seat with the introduction of many online and multiplayer games.

Sports VS Esports Betting Comparison

Sports VS Esports Betting Comparison

ESports is a growing betting niche in the public domain and is growing rapidly over time. The prize money and number of people watching such events are increasing with each passing year, indicating that it may be time to up the game for gamblers.

But what are the key differences between traditional sports betting and esports betting? Before we go into that, let’s see the similarities between the two.

Similarities Between Esports Betting and Traditional Sports Betting

●Stats Availability

Stats regarding the outcomes of previous games is very important when it comes betting. In the field of sports betting, be it traditional or otherwise, it’s very important to go through to different stats available in order to deduce which team to bet on. Fortunately, these tags are easily available all over the internet, even more so for esports rather than traditional sports.

●Betting Sites Abundance

A large number of betting sites that used to host betting on sports are now increasingly accommodating more and more esports events. This makes it easier for the bettors since they don’t have to go elsewhere to bet on them.


An extension of the previous point, with more and more betting sites accommodating esports events, it becomes easier for bettors to bet on esports events, and since these are on the same websites, they do not have to learn anything new to bet on esports.


That being said, let us now look into the differences between eSports and traditional sports betting.

Differences Between Esports Betting and Traditional Sports Betting

●Fatigue And Injury Probability

Traditional sports games like soccer, football, tennis, cricket, hockey, etc. can be extremely physically challenging and therefore, can cause fatigue and injury. However, since esports involves less amount of physical strain, the probability of physical injury is less. However, things like jetlag and the fatigue of travel might affect eSports players adversely. In short, it can be said that fatigue and injury is a possibility in both cases, but it affects different people differently.


In the field of traditional sports, there is no fear of volatility in gambling, since game scheduling is done beforehand, and No surprises are expected. Therefore the confidence of gamblers increases significantly. However, in the case of eSports, the market is much more volatile, and game scheduling has only been evolving for so long. This makes bettors uneasy and reluctant to gamble.


●The Digitality

Esports Betting is completely digital, as the game itself. This means that weather conditions, referee mistakes, etc. are not an issue here. In Traditional Sports, however, these play an important role in the outcome of a game.

How To Win money at Sports Betting

How To Win money at Sports Betting

Sports betting has been part of human society for every long time, as long as there have been sports. There are plenty of records of humans betting on sports since the Chinese and Japanese dynasty ruled times. So it is not something that is completely new and therefore, has evolved over time.

Today sports betting is a large business, and plenty of countries practice it. Even in countries like Japan, China and India where betting is considered illegal, it is still allowed on certain sports like horse racing, speedboat racing, bicycle racing etc. So to help these bettors, here are a few ways to make money without knowing many charts and statistics.

Betting Against the Public


Even though many people say that it is not advised to do so, Paytm gas Republic can be very effective in the case of favouritism in the crowd. If there is a team that is generally loved by the public, it is better to bet against them. For example, if India and Bangladesh are playing cricket, the stakes will obviously be in India’s favour, and so will the bets. But the bets may be so overpriced to one side that if you bet against India, you might be able to make some money even if Bangladesh loses due to a handicap or other even-out schemes. Sometimes, it is better to bat against the public than betting for the favourite. The idea that the line gets overvalued due to favouritism and some value is found on the other side.

Betting on No

This is a fairly simple strategy and is most effective when it comes to sports betting. It essentially complements the previous point. People usually bet on things that they want to happen, like a goal being scored, a basket, a win essentially. but just because they want things to happen, doesn’t mean that it is bound to happen. Generally if a match is between two teams with almost the same averages, but bets heavy on one side, bet on the team which is under, because it will be usually due to the hype and not because of the talent of the team.

Knowing The Game


Whatever game you are betting on, make sure that you know what you are doing. Betting on different sports requires different types of strategies, and so learning the game is important when it comes to betting on it. Some strategies are the same in all games, like the ones mentioned above, but it is not the case always.

The Future Of The Esports Betting Market Vs Traditional Sports

The Future Of The Esports Betting Market Vs Traditional Sports

Esports is steadily on the rise as a competitor for traditional sports in the field of betting. It is basically a worldwide video game involving players from all over the world. So before we go into further detail about esports, it is important to know the type of games played in the esports sector. Here are a few that have been gaining popularity over the years. esports ●Call of Duty ●PUBG ●League of Legends ●Street Fighter ●FIFA football ●Dota 2 ●Overwatch ●Battlefield ●Halo ●Super Smash Bros ●StarCraft II ●Rocket League ●Smite Some of these might be familiar to you, some maybe not; but all of them are considered esports events and are very much bet on. Global Impact It is important to know the turnover of the industry, to understand how much this industry has grown over the years. Ellers and Krejcik Gaming, a Market research firm, reported that there had been an estimate of seven billion four million dollars in the fiscal year of 2018, and it has grown since. It is estimated to reach 20 billion or more in the year 2020 and is expected to go even higher in the coming years. Games like Call of Duty, Dota 2 and League of Legends are available to bet on international bookmaking websites like Bet365 and Paddy Power, but it is bound to accommodate more games in the coming years. More and more famed betting websites are becoming better accustomed to eSports, and therefore it can be said that this may lead to eSports becoming a future windfall in the gambling industry. If you think that this industry is small, think again because the E-Sports betting industry rakes in more money than the golf and rugby bookmakers every year, with increasingly larger margins per year.

The growth of this industry is inevitable, because of faster internet and unlimited competition rising every year. Since esports does not need a particular court or turf to play on, no previous gaming experience is required to play on different terrains. The supply of betting opportunities is ever-increasing, and so is the demand. This leads to more and more bookmakers coming to the scene and reiterating the cycle, creating a larger nexus of gambling per game per year. CONCLUSION So it is safe to say that esports betting is the future of mainstream gambling in the coming years. Esports is the game that sees growth in everyday life and so it may be said that the esports market is the best future market for the gambling industry.

How to calculate esports betting odds and make them work for you

How to calculate esports betting odds and make them work for you

The entire business of the Esports or Electronic sports betting run on odds. For anyone who has professionally gambled at least once in their lifetime, will know what the term “odds” mean. Regardless of what you’re betting on, odds play a crucial role in every aspect. If you want to win, or make money gambling or betting, then you need to know how the odds work. For someone new to this world, it can be extremely confusing. Check out this article, because we’ve made it easier for you:

What are the odds?

Odds are often defined as the chance or probability of winning an event. In layman’s terms, it is how lucky you get to earn money. However, in Esports betting, odds follow the same baseline, but with a slightly different configuration. For instance, if two teams are battling against the league of legends, then both teams have an equal probability of winning, though one is better than the other. There are men appointed exclusively to calculate the odds of winning a match. They’re called bookies. The process of calculating odds can vary from one country to another and from one game to another.


Fractional odds

It is a way of calculating the odds in a fractional format. It finds popularity in many UK based countries and is not employed or alien to other countries. Let’s consider a match where the chances of winning of team A are 4/1. This implies that team A can win 1 out of the four matches that is it has a 20% chance of winning. These methods of calculating odds do not include the wager amount. If you have to calculate fractional odds in terms of your wager amount, then it implies for every $1you bet, you get a return of $4.

Decimal Odds

Calculation in terms of decimal odds has the upper hand in the online market, because it actually shows the punters how much they can win, instead of just the probability. Hence it is employed by almost all bookies around the world. You can calculate the odds percentage directly dividing it by 100.
5.0= 100/5=20%
1.5= 100/2.5=40%
It is that simple. And if you want to calculate in terms of the amount, multiply it by 5.0
1.5 = 1.5X5.0= $7.5
2.0 = 2.0X5.0= $10.0

Decimal Odds

How to make them work for you

Although these calculations of bets are a strategy employed to calculate your chances of winning, it is not always accurate. Sometimes, even the most professional and experienced bookies go wrong in calculating the odds. It is followed by a lot of practice, dedication and years of experience. This means you can only make the odds for you if you’re skilled enough to study each and every match that takes place and analyse the statistics. It is imperative to understand the players and even the oppositions and the strategies employed to bet on them. Only this can be beneficial in the long run.

A Polymorphic Approach to Esports Betting

A Polymorphic Approach to Esports Betting

Esports or Electronic Sports is a global development that as blown gamers’ minds. The industry started in the 1990s and had estimated a $906 million revenue in 2018. the industry includes betting on sports or online games like Dota 2, Call of Duty and many more, that have gained immense popularity among today’s youth. Although some countries consider Esports to be an illegal activity, there are debates to scrutinize the same.

Esports betting

According to a study, the money bet worldwide on Esports betting both legally and illegally accounts to $6.7 billion as of 2018 and is estimated to reach $6.7 billion by the end of 2020. Due to the increase in their popularity, many countries include the ones like Unikrn, are running websites to raise funds to support the industry and its standards. Esports betting’s having always been legal in Asia and Europe, but it is recently that the government of USA legalized the industry of Esports betting. Despite all efforts to legalize the industry across the world, there have still been debates about it in certain countries. One reason it is still unpopular despite its fun and magic is because of how different countries/states pursue the activity. Some consider it another form of gambling.

Polymorphic View

Since the debates regarding this concern have not been concluded in most countries, a law has been imposed to consider that as a legal activity in different states. A polymorphic view indicates that sports are based on benefit and dignity. The polymorphic view of the topic also suggests for agreement to disagreement. Hence, if the Esports industry is considered as an organization, then it can work and support on its views. One good example of this is when ESPN dedicated to telecast live Esports events on their channel, which works in favour both for Esports as well as the health industry. The two organizations agreed to disagree. Thus, this implies that a polymorphic view on esports should allow different states to employ esports and consider it.

State’s view

However, for every state in the country to comply with sports betting depends on the context in which it is considered. For example, the bills passed by West Virginia include all kinds of leisure in the best interest of their people as sports betting. For the legalization of sports betting, the entire organization should be employed as sports, with controlled measures on the activities:

State's view
The state should employ incentives to manage the revenue and the incentives developed from Esports betting’s. An excellent financial practice will allow more and more states to engage themselves in legalizing the organization.
Illegal forms of betting and gambling can be ruled out, and strict action has to be taken against violators.
Legalizing any forms of Esports or sports betting can reduce the irregular forms of activities in the state. This is regarding the best interest of the state.

E-Sports Betting Strategies-How to Maximize Profit

E-Sports Betting Strategies-How to Maximize Profit


Esports betting is a relatively new form of betting, and it started some time along with the emergence of eSports. Esports refers to video games played online, and betting on esports is called esports Betting. It must be noted that eSports Betting, like other forms of betting, follow almost the same basic idea:

1.Do not bet big all at once and lose everything on one go, wagering all of your money on your favourite team or players.
2.Choose the website you want to use wisely, see if they have a license, government certificate and whatnot.
3.Do not try to bet hoping for a sure win, the outcome of a bet is based on the odds and your luck, so don’t get your hopes up too much.


So keeping these things in mind, here are a few tips to maximize your profit on esports.

Know The Team

It is advised to do a lot of research into each player and team before attempting to bet on them. Learn their playing strategy, learn the team’s previous history, estimate their win percentage and bet accordingly. You should also know the rules of the game and how it is played before betting as well. You don’t need to be an expert, but knowing the game is quintessential when it comes to betting on one.

Being In Control

However, much money you have, you need to learn to control yourself from using it ineffectively. It is extremely essential to keep your emotions in check while gambling because one wrong move can cost you a fortune while another one might make you one.

Don’t Bet on The Favorite


It is better to not bet on your most favourite team because it is possibly the team with the most number of bets on it. The problem with betting based on favouritism can cause two main problems: the first one being that it may not win. Yes, that’s right, just because it’s your favourite team doesn’t guarantee you success, they are only human, and betting on them for an absolute win is nothing short of idiocy. However, if you have done your research and still feel like betting for it, go for it. However, in a favourites game, betting on the underdog can really up your chances to win something, even if your team loses, because of the handicap or the heavy bias acting up.

How to bet on eSports: Understanding odds and markets

How to bet on eSports: Understanding odds and markets

Esports betting refers to the betting on many online games and sports tournaments and leagues taking place across the entire world. Regardless of the type of sport, betting represents the probability of a certain event taking place. In this case, it is the winning of a team or a player. Esports is a platform where bets are placed against their favourite teams with the probability of winning. Since the event takes place online with access to anyone, there can be a slight difference in the strategies and the way the bets are placed. Depending on the type of bet you’re playing in your team, there are various terms used like Moneyline bet, Head-to-head, straight and many more.


Before you place bet on any team, there are three crucial factors to bear in mind:Odds: The amount paid out by the sportsbook, along with a required stake
Format: Choosing how you want to place the bet- American, Decimal or the Fraction wayBankroll: The money you want to start your chance with.
For instance, you wish to bet on a team at odds of 2.50, opposing to the odds of 1.60 to the other team and you’ve chosen the decimal way of betting. After the two considerations, you have to decide on an amount to bet, say $100 (maximum amount). Once you’re ready with all the starts, the bookie calculates the odds and places a wager on your betting.
Expected return = State money X odds for the day
Expected return =$100 X 2.50 =250
Hence if the team wins, then we win $250, which is a profit of $150. This is how the stakes and benefits are calculated in most cases. If the odds are lower, then your chances of winning are higher. They’re inversely proportional.


There are different types of markets in Esports betting. They are:

Moneyline: it is the most traditional form of betting, where you decide which team you want to bet on and wager your money on that.
 Handicap: It is a more conventional form of sports betting. If you bet on the positive handicap to win, then the team must love, win or tie to a number lesser than the handicap number.
 Totals: A bookmaker specifies the exact number of event that will take place in a game, and a bet is placed on a specified number. What the total number indicates, is based on the game that is being played. For example, in Dota 2, it means several kills.
Outright betting: It merely refers to the betting on the entire match’s outcome.



It is imperative to remember that sports betting or esports betting is a talent that is led by patience. If you feel the need to wait before a match, they do wait and bet on the ones that are worth losing money for (worst case scenario). Moneylines are the best to place bets on, as they will never limit your account, no matter how much you’re winning.

Can You Consistently Beat Esports Betting?

Can You Consistently Beat Esports Betting?

eSports is a new contender when it comes to both sports and the gambling industry alike. Even though esports has been going on for some time, competitive video games are relatively new, compared to traditional sports. The advent of the internet brought along with its online video gaming and streaming online. To answer the question of whether you can consistently beat Esports betting, we will have to systematically dissect the essence of esports and how betting affects the same.

Esports has been on the rise since the advent of the internet and will continue to grow as a highly profitable business. Some players simply bet for the fun of it, while other players play to make profits from it, and some players are in it for both. Whichever way it may be, esports is highly entertaining and is very fun indeed.

profitable business

Esports betting is much like any other traditional form of betting and involves an underdog and a favourite. The wagers will work as positive and negative bets, positive indicating the underdog and negative indicating the favourite. If a team is valued at -185 for example, it means that it is the favourite team and for every $100 put into the team, you get $185. However, there is such a thing as a commission for the bookmaker and is called juice. However you can still make a profit, albeit a long term one even if you lose a lot of bets, but keep your number of winning bets remains higher than the number of losing bets.

There are certain games which are based purely on luck, like roulette, slot games etc. However, there are other games like poker, DFS, etc. that require skill to win and not just dumb luck. Esports betting is one of the latter types of games. It is not to say that success is not involved here, but you can increase your odds by learning the game and betting accordingly.


There are, however, no recognised significant gamblers that are currently earning a living off esports betting. However, it is safe to say that it is possible to do so.
A large amount of money pours into the business of gambling, and now, a significant amount flows through the esports sector as well. So in the future, with more money flowing into esports, making a living off esports betting is a possibility.


So esports betting, with its increasing popularity and increasing influx of money, might be a new way to gamble in the digital world, and for fairly good reasons. So be a bit more open-minded, play your games right and you could be walking home with a fortune sometime in the near future.

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